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While you Sleep.

While you wake.

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Save your Organisation money, reduce CO2, prolong equipment life and reduce calls to Support.

It’s a fact, PCs always get left on and when they do they cost money in wasted electricity and increase CO2 emissions.

It’s not a small amount either. When you consider the wastage can easily average £25 a year for every PC on your Network based on the average percentage that do get left on, the cost can be significant.

A PC left on from 3pm until the following morning typically wastes 18 hours of electricity. Add weekends and that’s a staggering 130 hours a week of wasted energy. With an average KWh cost of 12p that means a waste of £3.12 a week, £162 a year for a 200w PC … and that’s just 1 PC!

Sometimes Users, especially in Education, don’t see it as their responsibility to shut down PCs and in many circumstances, Users don’t like to shut down at night time because they don’t want to wait for them to wake up the next morning. The consequence for you is a much bigger electricity bill.

By installing TaskForceCO2 you stop this waste in its tracks, for every PC, every day of the Year.

There’s no point being Penny wise, Pound foolish, educating all your Users and re-educating new Users about the need for Power Management, when installing an automated system costs less than the waste from just a few PCs slipping through the net.

All your PCs can be set up to either shut down or go into a low power Hibernate state overnight and can also be set up to Hibernate during the day, in periods of inactivity.

Automatic wake ups get PCs ready for the start of day too, ensuring no work time is wasted as it can take several minutes for PCs to wake up – sometimes causing users to move away from PCs adding extra delays.

With full reports on average Financial and CO2 Savings it’s easy to see the point you reach a return on investment … and it’s often in less than a couple of days.

Power Management Software Just £1595 to Cover ANY Number of PCs … Lifetime Licence.

TaskForceCO2 is the easiest way to improve efficiencies and with a Simple Pricing Structure, you only pay for what you need letting you start saving today!

Making sure your PCs shut down outside of working hours is the easiest way to cut costs and reduce your CO2 emissions and it’s easy to do with TaskForceCO2.

PCs can be like a leaking tap, just letting costs drip away when they are left on full power doing nothing. TaskForceCO2 fixes that leak and stops wastage in its tracks.

It works for small, medium and large Organisations. Where there is a PC, there is an opportunity to save.

TaskForceCO2 works where conventional methods fail …

Scripts often fail due to out dated device drivers preventing shut down which means instead of shutting down all your PCs you are secretly wasting money on the ones that don’t shut down. What’s more the costs involved in maintaining and updating scripts often outweighs the cost of using power management software. Using TaskForceCO2 frees up time for your Technicians too.

On top of wasting money and increasing CO2, leaving PCs on 24/7 also impacts on performance causing your PCs to eventually work slower as device drivers and code clogs up vital memory.

TaskForceCO2 gets the job done ….

With TaskForceCO2 you get a straight forward, very flexible, simple method of deploying effective Power Management that starts saving money from day one!

TaskForceCO2 includes many extra power management features like:-

  • Multiple power events per day
  • Automatic and on-demand Wake (ideal for maintenance)
  • Force PCs to shut down at a specific time
  • Visible shut down Warnings
  • Repeat Tasks for PCs that get switched back on again
  • Effective deployment of Hibernation
  • Different schemes for different PCs
  • Ability to group PCs by power management requirements
  • Reports on average Financial and CO2 savings
  • Bar Charts and Graphical reports
  • Export reports to CSV for importing into your favourite reports package
  • Online account for access to updates and much, much more.

Every Organisation, be it a School, College, Business, NHS or Local Government needs to put in place a solution to stop wastage from unused PCs and TaskForceCO2 is the choice of hundreds and hundreds to do just that.



 Keeping TaskForceCO2 Number 1

TaskForceCO2 is The Affordable Power Management Software!

TaskForceCO2 is the number one tool to shut down and wake up your PCs because it is easy to implement, entirely flexible and affordable. Now on Version 8, TaskForceCO2 is tried, tested and trusted by hundreds and hundreds of Organisations including Schools, Colleges, Universities, Corporate clients, Health and Government establishments.

Each Licence includes support and upgrades so you stay ahead of technology with a Perpetual Licence.

You get your savings without having to add another annual commitment.

With our no-nonsense pricing, you have a solution to deploy across your entire organisation without any huge financial overhead which means most users get a return on their investment in weeks not months.

With hundreds of thousands of licences deployed you can rely on TaskForceCO2 to get the job done for you in a straight forward way.

 Our Unlimited Site Licence costs less than leaving 10 PCs on all year.

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