The case for PC Power Management with TaskForceCO2

Here are 3 typical Case Studies that show the benefits of TaskForceCO2 in 3 different scenarios …

Case Study A.

How conventional Licensing can prove expensive …

A Large College has 1150 PCs serving 4 College Campuses. Their current Power Management solution (not TaskForceCO2) charges £8 per PC with a 50% annual renewal fee for the Licence, Support and Upgrades.

The total cost for the solution is £9,200 with an annual renewal of £4,600. If the College doesn’t renew the software will stop working and the Licence is revoked.

Over a 5 Year period the software will have cost £27,600.

TaskForceCO2 under the same criteria would cost £1,797 for a 5-year Multi-Site Licence based on the current 50% discount afforded to Education. The Licence is not restricted to any one location or site and the Licence also includes 5 Years Support and Upgrades meaning there are no additional costs for the entire period and the College knows it can always work with the latest version without additional costs.

If the College merges, the merged College would be covered to use any of those Licences and could add to the number at the same price and deal.

Overall, the Licence offers more value and more flexibility and would save the College £26,105 on top of the energy savings over the period.

Assuming 40% of the Colleges PCs never shut down without a Power Management Solution in place the College would be looking at wastage of up to £74,000 which over the period would represent a massive waste to the College.

Hundreds of Colleges already standardize on TaskForceCO2 for the significant savings it delivers.

No one would leave the lights on all night, so why leave PCs on?

Case Study B.

The Manual Policy …

An NHS Trust has 2500 PCs. The Trust previously utilised another Power Management Software but the licence costs of over £20,000 became too excessive to justify its continued use. The IT Team decided to rely on scripts to shut down PCs after hours.

The main problem they now have is that far too often device drivers that are out of date or software that hasn’t been closed properly is preventing the PCs from being shut down.

On top of this, they often don’t know that the PC wasn’t shut down and as a result the Trust continues to lose money powering unused PCs. With no formal structure, they cannot group PCs by their Power management requirements instead of their normal LDAP so they cannot assign a particular power scheme to PCs grouped for various reasons like Servers which don’t want power management, Managers who are excluded, particular locations that require more events than others, etc.

TaskForceCO2 on the other hand would cost them just £2,750 for a 1 Year Licence and in turn it would force PCs to shut down so the problem didn’t arise. With the added benefit of financial and CO2 savings reports, the Trust can easily see that PCs are being shut down when required.

If 40% of the Trust PCs were normally left on by users, utilising TaskForceCO2 could save the Trust over £160,000 a year.

At anytime, the Trust could upgrade to an extended Licence which would add to the Efficiencies.

Would you leave a Tap running constantly or turn it off!

Case Study C.

The problem with doing nothing …

A Secondary School has 250 PCs. They currently don’t deploy any power management software and they have not set up scripts or policies. Instead, they rely on staff and students to shut down PCs when they leave for the evening.

Unfortunately, many don’t do this. Sometimes it’s because they don’t want to wait for them to shut down or they don’t want to wait for them to wake up in the morning or they simply don’t see it as their responsibility.

Some might turn off the Monitor or let it go to a screen saver but screen savers don’t save money, they save screens. Either way it means many of the 250 PCs are left on every night.

If one PC is left on overnight and all weekend all year it can increase the electricity costs by around £160. If 40% of the Schools PCs never shut down that’s a direct waste of £16,000 per year.

On top of that, because the PCs are not getting regular shut downs they have an increased likeliness to hang due memory not being cleared out and device drivers never finishing. This creates more work for support and has a substantial effect on productivity.

A TaskForceCO2 Licence to cover 250 PCs would cost the School £275and cover the PCs for 3 years. At the equivalent of £92 per Year shutting down just 1 PC would more than pay for their licence in terms of savings.

Potentially, the School stands to increase efficiencies and save in excess of £15,000 per Year.

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