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If you don’t have professional PC Power Management software installed you are missing out on huge potential savings. If you do – can you save more money with our low cost licensing?

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Support and Upgrades





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5 Year Site Licence
Support and Upgrades





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Multi-Site Licence
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Sale Prices Valid to 31st July 2017

If a PC is left on overnight in your Educational Establishment, it’s costing money in Electricity and increasing CO2 emissions.

Students don’t often take responsibility for shutting down PCs and conventional methods can often fail when device drivers get in the way or scripts fail so the PCs can remain on all night and all weekend. The result can be increased costs of up to £160 per PC per year and an increase in CO2 emissions of 1.5 tons per PC.

What’s more, waiting for PCs to start each day takes up valuable classroom time so by automating it, you maximise on your personal and work time.

It’s this simple …

  • TaskForceCO2 will Save your Organization Money

  • TaskForceCO2 will Reduce your CO2 Emissions

  • TaskForceCO2 will save you time and effort

And it will do it from day one!

Sometimes the cost of installing such software can be prohibitive with licences that can cost as much as £30 per PC but with TaskForceCO2 Licensing you have very little in the way of installing a solution now, with all costs for the period covered.

It gives you a combined effort in the fight against Waste and CO2 emissions and with all our Licences discounted for Educational Establishments, it’s affordable!

Shutting down 150 PCs can save more
than £100,000 over 5 Years …

Guaranteed Savings with Single Sites already reducing costs by as much as £25,000.

  • You Save up to £160 a year for every PC that otherwise gets left on

  • Save 3p per PC, per Hour, if you make use of automated hibernates

  • Reduce CO2 by as much as 1.5 tons per PC, per Year

  • Get off to a Quick Start with Auto wake ups saving time, money and hassle

  • Easily answer FOI requests on what you do for CO2 reductions

  • Improve PC security and reliability

  • Reduce Downtime due to PCs being on too long

  • Install Centrally or at Individual Sites with multiple consoles

  • Helps with ISO 9001 14001, 50001 and management system compliance.

Cut Costs, Reduce CO2 and Improve Efficiencies from just £195!

  • Everything you need for your Automated PC Power Management

  • Covers Unlimited PCs

  • Includes 1, 3 or 5 Years Licence, Support and Upgrades

  • Helps confirm to potential insurance requirements on Powering down

  • Shows your Organisations green credentials

  • Get Financial and CO2 saving reports for management

  • Saves money even if just deployed in one Department

  • No Renewal Costs for the period of your Licence

  • Low cost optional renewals

  • Used in over 400 Schools, Academies, Colleges and Uni’s

Take a look today with our Free Trial Copy. There is no obligation, just see how much you are likely to save and be able to make an informed decision regards purchasing.

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