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Don’t Waste your Councils Energy …

Every School needs to cut CO2 and therefore costs, but it’s not always that feasible.

Most CO2 reduction initiatives have a high initial financial outlay and annual renewal but when budgets are tight, other priorities can kick the can down the road … But not this one.

You can stop waste on every PC in every School in your Authority with -

The LEA Licence.

Here is the problem – If a PC is left on overnight in a School, be it in a Classroom or Office, it costs money. Leave just one on every night for a year and the average PC will waste up to £160 and increase CO2 by up to 1.5 tons.

That’s a real cost to Schools when it happens and it needs to be tackled.

Most Schools use a Scripts or Policies or a combination of both. The problem is that they don’t always work when device drivers are out of date and there is no real way to know if they have worked. On top of that they are limited in flexibility and can often get forgotten when there are other demands on time.

Our TaskForceCO2 software is the solution. It’s the easiest way to implement cost and CO2 savings by ensuring all the chances to save money are taken with effective PC Power Management and get reports on the Financial and CO2 Savings.

It works where conventional methods fail and it allows a School to add multiple Wake, Hibernate and Shut down events per day. With extra Windows features like Shut Down Warnings and Repeat Task if a PC if powered on again after hours, it gives the IT Department a much easier and more flexible way of handling power management.

With the ability to group PCs in order of Power Management requirements its far easier to apply the correct settings to PCs.

All over your Authority area there are tens of thousands of opportunities to save by making sure unused PCs hibernate during the day, shut down over night and get woken efficiently. Now you can automatically seize those opportunities with a Local Education Authority Licence for TaskForceCO2.

Normally, a School would have to buy and maintain their own Licence. With an LEA Licence, one Licence covers all PCs in all Schools in the Authority area. It’s an initiative that saves not only the individual schools, but saves money and reduces CO2 across the County.

With much lower electricity use, there is less wear and tear on equipment, less downtime from PCs being left on too long, less CO2 and less overheads … everyone wins.

Here is the good news – Our Local Education Authority Licence is affordable at just £2995 for a 3 year deal.

Here is how it works.

When a Local Education Authority Licence is purchased, the purchaser is given a Local Education Authority Licence Code.  This can be used by any School to register TaskForceCO2 on an unlimited basis. They do not have to be Council run Schools. The Local Education Authority Licence covers any PC in any type of School in the Authority.

To put it in perspective, shutting down approximateley 18 PCs all over your Authority area will recover the cost of the Licence in energy savings.

How Much will your Local Authority Save in 2018, 2019 and 2020?



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Unlimited 3 Year Local Education Authority Licence.
Licence Covers Unlimited PCs in any School in your Local Education Authority.
Includes Licence, Support and Upgrades for 3 Years.



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Terms. Excludes VAT.  Download Delivery. Licence Excludes Colleges and Adult Education Centres.

Your Questions answered.

Q. Who can Purchase the Local Education Authority Licence.
A. Any LEA, LEP, Council, School, Collective of Schools, Shared or Traded Service or Service Provider. When a Licence is purchased under your Local Authority, all Schools in the Authority are covered and the distribution is controlled by the purchaser of the Licence. The LEA does not need to be in control of your IT Infrastructure for you to benefit from the licence. Obviously, there can only be one LEA Licence per LEA and we supply on a first come, first serve basis.

Q. Apart from saving energy costs and CO2 what other advantages are there?

A. Some Power Management Software can cost up to £30 per PC. With a Collective Licence, all the money individual Schools would have spent on Power Management Software can be saved by the Schools for other purposes. Plus, if a School already pays for an annual renewal, they won’t have to when a LEA Licence is purchased for their Authority,

Q. So next year, it will cost us £7,995 right?
A. No. You will only ever have to pay the fee of £2995 and that covers everything you need for 3 Years.

Q. Is it tried and tested?
A. Yes, it’s used in hundreds and hundreds of organisations including Schools, Colleges, Business and Health Authorities.

Q. Will we have to pay for Updates and Support?
A. No. The annual subscription covers unlimited access to updates and email support.

Q. How do our Schools get the software.
A. Issuing your LEA Licence code to any School covered will let them register and Licence an Unlimited copy of TaskForceCO2. Simply tell any of your Schools to download the software from our web site (or host it on your site) and register it with your Unique Local Education Authority Licence code.

 Because I.T. doesn’t have to cost the Earth …

TaskForceCO2 works tirelessly to reduce costs and CO2 emissions for many organisations including major Businesses, NHS Foundations, Local Authorities, Colleges, Universities, Academy Trusts and Schools.

Our Users include: -

  • Hull College
  • East Ayrshire Council
  • London North West Healthcare NHS Trust
  • South Wales University
  • Silent Night Group
  • Over 400 Schools, Colleges, Universities, Businesses, NHS and Local Government …

With The Local Education Authority Licence now available, there is no reason not to join them in saving.

Download your Free Trial Copy Here – It costs nothing to take a look! 


 TaskForceCO2 … The Affordable Power Management Software!

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