Here is a Sure-fire way to Save your Organisation Money.

As you know, when a PC is left on overnight anywhere in your Organisation, be it in an office, a lecture room, reception, store or any other room, it ultimately increases the amount you have to spend on Electricity. Just one left on every night for a year can waste up to £160 and increase CO2 by up to 1.5 tons and it doesn’t take many to be left on for the waste to really add up.

There is an affordable alternative to Waste …

Using our TaskForceCO2 software you can say goodbye to waste for good and when coupled with one of our Perpetual Licences, you can use it on any number of PCs with no renewal fees. Not only do you wipe out waste on a huge scale, but you can reduce the costs of any existing solution too.

… and it’s a lot easier!

PC Power Management covering Every PC with no Annual Renewal Payments … Job Done!

Now you know you can save considerably by introducing power management software, consider how much more you can save with a Perpetual Licence.

Where other PC Power Management Software is used, the licensing costs can be extortionate, sometimes reaching £30 per PC and also many carry hefty annual renewal fees.

Our TaskForceCO2 Perpetual Licences mean not only can you ensure all the chances to save money are taken with effective PC Power Management but with no ongoing annual renewal fees.

It means once you have recovered the costs of your Licence in savings, everything else is pure savings with no need to adjust any budgets for future years or make out multiple annual orders and payments.

Don’t forget of course, our Perpetual Licences include all the benefits of our Annual Licence like never having to audit your usage, never having to account for new or retiring PCs, never risk Licence infringement with the addition of never having to pay a renewal.


Deploying TaskForceCO2 does all this!

  • Saves around £160 a Year for every PC that otherwise never shuts down
  • Reduces CO2 Emissions by 1.5 tons per PC per Year
  • Makes your Organisation more Environmentally friendly
  • Relieves busy Staff of extra stress
  • Conforms to any Insurance requirements regards powering PCs overnight
  • Reduces Health and Safety risks of PCs being left on
  • Eliminates calls to support where PCs suffer from being on too long
  • Stops vital memory getting clogged and ends defunct device drivers
  • Prolongs equipment life
  • Makes PCs more secure overnight

Shutting down only 10 PCs would save more in 1 Year than our Perpetual Site Licence costs.



Special Offer

silver Ultimate Silver
Perpetual Single Site Licence.

Licence Covers Unlimited PCs at one Site.
Includes Perpetual Licence, Support and Upgrades with no renewals ever.


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Ultimate Gold
Perpetual Multi-Site Licence.

Licence Covers Unlimited PCs at any Site.
Includes Perpetual Licence, Support and Upgrades with no Renewals ever.


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Because I.T. doesn’t have to cost the Earth …

TaskForceCO2 works tirelessly to reduce costs and CO2 emissions for many organisations including major Businesses, NHS Foundations, Local Authorities, Organisations, Universities, Academy Trusts and Schools.

Our Users include: -

  • Hull College
  • East Ayrshire Council
  • London North West Healthcare NHS Trust
  • South Wales University
  • Silent Night Group
  • Over 400 Schools, Organisations, Universities, Businesses, NHS and Local Government …

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 TaskForceCO2 … The Affordable Power Management Software!

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