Key Benefits

TaskForceCO2 means Saving Money.

If 1 PC is left on all night and all weekend, then its capable of wasting up to £160 in electricity a year and it will waste an average of 3p per hour when it is left unattended and not hibernated. Multiply that by the number of PCs that do get left on in an average Organisation and it’s easy to see a massive opportunity exists to cut Energy costs.

It doesn’t have to be the same PCs left on all year, it could be a combination of PCs being left on for a few nights here and there that combines to the equivalent of a PC never ever shutting down. If just 20 percent of a 500 PC organisations PCs were left on every night that could waste in excess of £15,000 a year. In some Organisations as many as 40% of PCs never shut down.

There’s no point powering PCs when no one’s there …

The good news is that with TaskForceCO2 you can easily automate the process to hibernate and shut down PCs when appropriate so you start your savings installing our solution from day one.

With TaskForceCO2 NO PC is left on – even one’s device drivers are preventing from shutting down.

TaskForceCO2 means Reducing CO2.

When a PC is left on not only is it wasting money but it is also increasing your CO2 emissions, by as much as 1.5 tons of CO2 per PC, per year, for everyone that never gets shut down. This is bad for your Organisation as it will increase your Carbon Footprint. Using TaskForceCO2 to deploy an Energy saving scheme to PCs automatically means you reduce your Carbon Footprint. Less electricity used, the lower the Footprint.

Eliminating CO2 emissions can be great for your Organisations Corporate Social Responsibility program. It gives people a good feeling about what you think about the Environment both locally and nationally.

In most cases a lower Carbon Footprint will contribute to more business being generated, it will get you better terms, helps you obey legal requirements and even reduce your taxes.

Taking advantage of savings from unused PCs makes for a better working environment too.  To start with, less heat being generated will reduce the demands on your air conditioning, which in turn reduces costs.

TaskForceCO2 means Saving Time.

Automatic wake ups get PCs ready for the start of day, ensuring no work time is wasted which really does maximise on efficiencies.

You also save by reducing the time you spend on conventional ways of controlling your PC power management using scripts and policies. They can be time consuming and can often be difficult to maintain, modify and keep track of. In many cases, out of date device drivers can prevent shut downs which is a constant source of hassle for I.T.

Regular shut downs mean less down time during the day as essential memory frees up and your systems are less likely to become slow and clogged down with device drivers and software that hasn’t finished properly.

With the TaskForceCO2 power management console you can separate the requirements of your power settings in one easy, usable and update-able program and once you’ve done this you can maintain the settings with ease. If you need to change a departments settings or add new ones it can be done in just seconds.

By controlling everything within TaskForceCO2 your I.T. staff are free to concentrate on running their I.T. to keep your Organisation on top and not have to worry whether the power management policy has been swept under the carpet. With full reporting I.T. can provide management with average Financial and CO2 savings that will totally justify the decision to use TaskForceCO2.

Using TaskForceCO2 frees up I.T. Staff time and streamlines everything across all departments, buildings and locations.

TaskForceCO2 gives you these top major benefits immediately.

  1. Substantially reduce Energy costs by shutting down PCs overnight
  2. Reduce CO2 emissions by automatically controlling power to unused PCs
  3. Save time, effort and money in your I.T. Department by not messing around with scripts, freeing up staff time
  4. Save money every hour making effective use of hibernate
  5. Increase PC security – A Shut Down PC is instantly more secure
  6. Increase performance -regular Shut Downs will ultimately reduce calls to your support centre where clogged memory is dragging your systems performance down
  7. Improve Air Quality – less heat, less air-con, less waste
  8. Show your Organisations Green Credentials with CO2 savings reports
  9. Get your Organization off to a quick start with Automatic Wake ups
  10. Reduce the risk of PCs not shutting down due to out of date device drivers and non-effective policies
  11. Helps with ISO 9001 14001, 50001 and management system compliance.

TaskForceCO2 makes commercial sense …

Key Financial benefits

  • Save up to £150 per PC, per Year, by shutting down unused PCs
  • Save an average of 3p per PC, per Hour making effective use of hibernate
  • Save money when offices, classrooms or departments are shut for periods of time
  • Get a Return on Investment, often in just Weeks

Key Environmental Benefits

  • Reduce your Carbon Footprint by reducing your usage of Electricity
  • Cut CO2 by an average of 1.5 tons per PC, per Year
  • Improve your Social Corporate Responsibility Program
  • Reduce the strain and overhead on other resources
  • Show Staff, Customers and Stakeholders your Green Credentials

Key I.T Benefits

  • Free up Time, Stress and Hassle keeping manual power management settings up to date
  • Use less of your budget for power management software with TaskForceCO2’s low cost licensing
  • Helps with following the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 Plan-Do-Check-Act process demonstrating cost savings to external Auditors
  • Automatic wake ups speed up the start of day
  • Provide Financial and CO2 reports for Management
  • Standardize savings across Sites, Departments and Locations

TaskForceCO2 is better for you.


  • Sometimes the cost of Power management software and renewals, as much as £30 per PC per year, can cancel out the potential savings. With TaskForceCO2’s incredibly flexible and low cost licensing you are virtually guaranteed to save.
  • Unlike free solutions TaskForceCO2’s support is excellent. With full support included on all purchasing options you know you’re not on your own.
  • Staying on top of technology is a must and with TaskForceCO2 inclusive upgrade packages you are never left behind. With regular updates and modifications your solution stays viable.

Better for Finance
Better for Stakeholders
Better for I.T and Support

Welcome to TaskForceCO2, you really can’t help but get a substantial return on your investment.


TaskForceCO2 .. The Affordable Power Management Software!

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