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Go Easy – Perpetual Licencing

Whatever the economic climate, there is one thing that it doesn’t pay to overlook and that’s PC Power Management.

That’s because by taking procedures to shut down and hibernate PCs during periods of inactivity is good house-keeping – in all climates.

It will reduce your use of electricity which will reduce your costs, reduce your CO2 emissions and reduce calls to support. It’s a Win-Win situation.

Our pricing policy is to provide a Power Management Solution to fit all budgets so it’s easy to achieve savings.

Go Easy Licencing … Just £2 per PC!

With an Unlimited Licence on Special Offer …

  • Per PC Licensing Model
  • Only pay for the number of Licenses you need
  • No Annual Licence renewals … Ever
  • Everything covered in one order
  • Perpetual Licence code with every order – complete security
  • No Location Restrictions – doesn’t matter where your PCs are

If you have a large PC Footprint, opt for our Unlimited Ultimate Gold Perpetual Licence (RRP £4995) at just £2495 … It’s all you need to pay, Ever!

  • Larger PC Users can get a Completely Unlimited PC Licence with no annual renewals with our Ultimate Gold Licence.

Licence Terms.

As well as providing licences that encompass all your needs and enable you to deploy TaskForceCO2 with ease, we also include a comprehensive support and upgrade package.

  • All New Per PC Licences are Perpetual. There is no annual Licence Fee.
  • Minimum order of 50 Licences required.
  • 1 Years Support and Upgrades included (except Ultimate Gold which is Lifetime).
  • Optional Support and Updates Renewal for per PC Licensing is 10% of Contract price (Min £100).
  • Site Licences which were priced on a renewal basis cease to operate if not renewed.
  • You do not need to pay with order. Orders are accepted with official purchase order numbers.

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Please Note. Licence terms applicable from October 2017. All Licences purchased prior maintain the conditions in place when purchased. Occasional Promotional Licences are available for Schools and Upgrades.

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