The Ultimate Range

Introducing our Ultimate Range of Licences for TaskForceCO2.

Our Ultimate Licences offer a Unique Corporate Unlimited Licence with no complicated pricing structures and no need to ever audit your usage with options for 3 Year, 5 Year or Lifetime Licences.

Our Ultimate Range offers a convenient way to get your PC Power Management sorted on an Unlimited Licence basis and in an affordable way without having to worry about exceeding licence limits. All cover every PC you have, past, present and future at any Location meaning you never have to account for usage.

They are great for anyone and offer true flexibility in usage including merged or merging Organisations.

If you prefer a Licence with no annual renewal, either at a Single Site or Multiple Sites, take a look at Ultimate Platinum. It’s our Premier Licence that covers any number of PCs for Life, with no annual renewal required … Ever.

Ultimate Silver

Our Ultimate Silver Licence for TaskForceCO2 is a great way to solve your PC Power Management requirements and wrap everything you need up for a 3 Year period, therefore taking advantage of cost savings over renewing each year. Ultimate Silver gets you a completely Unlimited Site Licence for TaskForceCO2 to use on any PC at any Location.

You never have to audit your usage or account for new or retiring PCs.

With 3 Years Licence, Support and Upgrades included it’s easy to recover your outlay and with a low-cost renewal program from year 4, you can stay up to date with the latest developments with ease.

  • Completely Unrestricted Site Licence covers Unlimited number of PCs
  • Use it at any Location
  • 3 Year Licence included
  • 3 Years Support
  • 3 Years Upgrades
  • Annual Renewal from year 4 is £1295

Ultimate Silver RRP £2995

Ultimate Gold

Ultimate Gold is a fantastic way to give you flexibility over a period knowing your licence is secure for 5 years and taking full advantage of savings over annual renewal costs. It gets you an absolutely Unlimited 5 Year Licence, Support and Upgrades package covering any number of PCs at any Location covering all your costs for the entire 5 Year period. You don’t have anything to add to your annual budgets or outgoings.

When you purchase Ultimate Gold, its relatively easy to get a return on investment and with the need to shut down just 33 or so PCs that are always otherwise left on it won’t take long. With a 5 year Licence it pays for itself over and over again.

  • Completely Unrestricted Site Licence covers Unlimited number of PCs
  • Use it at any Location
  • 5 Year Licence included
  • 5 Years Support
  • 5 Years Upgrades
  • Annual Renewal from year 6 is £1295

Ultimate Gold RRP £4495

Ultimate Platinum – Our Premier Licence

Our Ultimate Platinum Licence for TaskForceCO2 is Premier Licence to solve your PC Power Management requirements, anytime, anywhere and on any PC – with No Renewals required … Ever!

You never have to audit your usage or account for new or retiring PCs, there are absolutely no location restrictions and because it’s a Lifetime Licence you fix your costs for Life.

As soon as your Savings exceed the cost of Ultimate Platinum, which is after you have prevented just 50 PCs from being left on every night, every other penny TaskForceCO2 saves is yours … for Life.

  • Completely Unrestricted Licence covers Unlimited number of PCs
  • Use it at One or an Unlimited number of Locations
  • No Site, Country or PC Quantity Limitations
  • Lifetime Licence included
  • Lifetime Support
  • Lifetime Upgrades
  • No Annual Renewal … Ever

Ultimate Platinum RRP £7995

TaskForceCO2 removes the high initial licensing and high on-going renewals associated with deploying a solution across your organisation.  This is where our Ultimate Licences really make a difference.

Because I.T. doesn’t have to cost the Earth …

TaskForceCO2 works tirelessly to reduce costs and CO2 emissions for many organisations including major Businesses, NHS Foundations, Local Authorities, Colleges, Universities, Academy Trusts and Schools.

Our Users include: -

  • Hull College
  • East Ayrshire Council
  • London North West Healthcare NHS Trust
  • South Wales University
  • Silent Night Group
  • Over 400 Schools, Colleges, Universities, Businesses, NHS and Local Government …

With the Ultimate Licences now available, there is no reason not to join them in saving.

Download your Free Trial Copy Here – It costs nothing to take a look! 


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