USA Exclsive White Label Agreement

Acquire the Sole USA Sales rights for TaskForceCO2 for $79,950

We are a UK based business that develop TaskForceCO2 – our Power Management Software. We are looking for a licensee for our Product in the USA.

TaskForceCO2 can ensure all unused PCs are powered down or put into low energy Hibernate state even when out of date device drivers would prevent a normal shut down. In doing so, users reduce overheads by around $225 a Year for every PC that otherwise gets left on and reduce CO2 emissions by around 1.5 tons.

Unlike trying to tackle the problem via the operating system, having a dedicated solution enables you to maximise on savings wherever possible and record the average financial and CO2 reductions whilst also providing a whole host of additional power management features. That’s why we have hundreds and hundreds of clients using it in the UK.

We have developed an opporutinty for any USA business to acquire the sole USA rights to our technology under a White Label Agreement. As part of the agreement you tell us what you want your product to be called and we modify oursftware accordingly. You acquire the entire exclsuive rights to sell your product exclsuively in the USA. We are only appointing 1 buyer so you wll have your territory completley to yourself.

It’s very easy to recover your costs and build on your sales pipeline.

Our recommended Selling prices are listed on our Web Site and you are free to follow those or offer discounts for increased levels of business.

How much Value can you get from TaskForceCO2 by offering an environmentally friendly product to your keep or attract new clients. Even if you supplied it for fYou can even supply the Licenses free as a marketing initiative to attract new clients for your other products or services or use them for client retention purposes.

TaskForceCO2 includes a host of additional features including recording all the average CO2 and Financial Savings and providing reports so you can show your customers the savings you have introduced for them.

However, the benefits of an effective power management system don’t just stop at savings.

With PCs regularly booting you reduce calls to technical support where a PCs up time is too long and essential memory is clogged and device drivers that haven’t finished properly are causing crashing.

With Automatic Wake Ups, PCs can be ready for the start of day, eliminating hours of wasted work time whilst Users wait for PCs to boot up and on top of that you eliminate some health and safety issues, conform to any insurance requirements regards equipment being left on and prolong equipment life.

Deploying TaskForceCO2 does all this!

  • Saves around $225 a Year for every PC that otherwise never shuts down
  • Reduces CO2 Emissions by 1.5 tons per PC per Year
  • Gets All PCs ready for the start of day
  • Makes you and your Clients more Environmentally friendly
  • Relieves busy I.T. Staff of extra stress
  • Conforms to any Insurance requirements regards powering PCs overnight

  • Reduces Health and Safety risks of PCs being left on
  • Eliminates calls to support where PCs suffer from being on too long
  • Allows PCs to auto hibernate for instant recovery
  • Prolongs equipment life
  • Makes PCs more secure overnight
  • Helps with ISO 9001 14001, 50001 and management system compliance

Email for Availability and to register your interest.


A but must adhere to our published prices for advertising purposes. Each State Agency is for a minimum of 36 months. If at any time you want to cancel you can do so by transferring your Agency to a third party who takes over the commitment or asking us to find a new Agent. Your contract will end on the appointment of a new Agent.

Because I.T. doesn’t have to cost the Earth …

TaskForceCO2 works tirelessly to reduce costs and CO2 emissions for many organisations including major Businesses, NHS Foundations, Local Authorities, Organisations, Universities, Academy Trusts and Schools.

 TaskForceCO2 … The Affordable Power Management Software!

TaskForceCO2 Copyright (c) PeachWorx LLP 2009-2018. All rights reserved

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